mercoledì 22 aprile 2015

Art Reportage for Limitless: Alexey Luka

Here's a selection of pictures taken for "Limitless", the new season of  Wunderkammern gallery dedicated to street art.
The last artist to be invited was Alexey Luka, here you can find a few pictures of I'm working on his first solo exhibition "Being Here".

Wunderkammern is a gallery based in Torpignattara, Rome, that "exhibits a genre of work inspired by the relation between the personal and the collective space. The gallery and its represented artists explore themes related the marvellous, the paradox, the connection between the inside and the outside, the conventional and the unaccepted, privacy and voyeurism, with a strong influence by 'relational art' and 'public art"

Alexey Luka (Luchko) "was born in 1983 in Moscow, where he currently lives and works. Among the most talented and influential young artists in the Russian contemporary art scene, Luka has participated in important international projects, like the LGZ Festival in Moscow in 2013 and the project Le M.U.R. XIII in Paris in 2014.With a background in architecture studies, the Russian artist developed a unique and recognizable style, based on the use of abstract geometric shapes and chromatic variations. Perfectly comfortable with different techniques, spray paints, acrylic paints, sculpture, and collage, Alexey Luka creates complex compositions in which the colors and geometric lines interact, resulting in a sort of puzzle to decipher. "

All pictures ©Giorgio Coen Cagli/Courtesy Wunderkammern

All pictures ©Giorgio Coen Cagli/Courtesy Wunderkammern